Welcome to Thomas Pink’s 2015 Which Shirt Are You? gallery. Watch as we chronicle four extraordinary shirt wearers in their
natural environments over the course of eleven weeks. Each film will highlight a new collection or in-store service.

Every week we will be giving away PINK prizes to those who interact with our Which Shirt Are You? content.

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Introducing ‘The Athletic Fit’ with Ben Kay – former England Rugby World Cup winner and wearer of our AthleticFit shirt.
The film, part of the ‘Which Shirt Are You?’campaign, sees Kay sporting the Athletic Fit shirt, in addition to other pieces
from the Rugby Edit and describing the intense physical and mental hardship a player experiences in the build up
to a pivotal game. The rugby hero also unveils his style guide for on and off the pitch.

“Always spectate in style.”
Ben Kay, Rugby World Cup winner and rugby pundit.